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Mr. Hardeep Yadav, Director of Checkmate Trades, expressing his expert opinion on investing in gold ETF on the occasion of Akshaya Tritiya in an interview with Eastern Chronicle newspaper.


Director of Checkmate Trades, Mr Hardeep Yadav is an experienced financial analyst whose opinions are given due consideration among his peers. The Financial World, one of the leading business newspapers, published his article Gold is safe but be cautious in which he has put forward his analysis on the falling gold prices.


Mr Hardeep Yadav, Director of Checkmate Trades, in conversation with the correspondent from The Hindu Business, expressing his concern over the gold’s fluctuating prices, which has left the traders in frenzy.


Mr Hardeep Yadav, in an interview with Hindustan Times Hindi correspondent, advises not to panicin view of abrupt fall and rise of gold prices rather it should be viewed as an opportunity for aninvestment in the form of ETF’s instead of buying it in physical form.




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