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Never Changing Price Principles

Learn a Proven Method to Earn consistent income from the Stock Market, Whether the Market Goes Up, Down or Sideways. Like the Moon, the Central Pivot Range (CPR) controls the tides of the market. We will teach you price principles that never change with respect to Floor Pivot and Camarilla Pivot.

Floor Pivots offer an amazing way to view the market, illuminating the moves of the market even in the most uncertain of times. As you begin to study the pivots on a deeper level, you will begin to see the correlated nature between the Floor Pivots and price behavior.

These are the only constant and certain price fundamentals you can rely on in uncertain market environments. Once you understand these price principles you will never look for faithless and dubious trading strategies on Social media sites. 

Priceless and Accurate Stock selection Scanners

Find Intraday or Swing or even a Positional stock within few secs with our pre-programmed Scanners. Every constant Price principle thought in the webinar is transformed in a highly accurate Scanner. Stock Hunting for Intraday and Swing trading success has never been so easy. Rest assured that you will never again miss an explosive, high momentum buying or selling move on Intraday basis. Correct application of all these scanners is a very integral part of webinar. With these scanner you will never have to spend weekends, manually analyzing numerous charts. 

Trade Indicator - LESS is MORE

Are you still relying on Trading Indicators which work on higher timeframes but fails to work on 5-minute intraday timeframe or vice-versa? It's time to face the fact that, any trading principle or tool whose reliability is not constant across multiple timeframe will only give you losses. It's time to surrender every such indicator and rely on Pure Price Action on key Pivot levels. Every indicator taught in the webinar be that SMA - Simple Moving Average, Floor Pivot or Camarilla Pivot are all dynamic indicators derived from Price action. And the major difference is that these indicators don't predict the Price move rather govern and direct the Price Action. 

Moreover, where to find these indicators? How to plot them and accurately use them? Every such minute detail will be taught in the very first episode of our CheckMate Webinars. 

CheckMate Edge

Pivot-Based Analysis

CheckMate Trades offers perhaps the most robust collection of pivot-based techniques and Priceless Scanners available to traders, and will show you how to analyze any market using reliable pivot based price principles. In the uncertain market environment, these never changing price principles on key pivot levels will ensure success in your trading journey.

Scalable to All Timeframes

Scalability means that the concepts taught in the Webinar can be used in all timeframes, including 5-minute time-frame for Intraday trading, Daily and Weekly price action bars or even Monthly charts, which is perfect for all traders, from Scalpers to Swing & Positional traders as well as active Investors.

Universally Applied to All Instruments

The Pivot concepts and techniques taught in the Webinar can be universally applied to any instrument, which is perfect for traders of stocks, Futures and Options, ETFs and off-course even currencies.

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Abhishek, Founder of CheckMateTrades is a full-time stock market trader for past 4 years and is researching on Pivot based Price Action patterns. With several years of study, he has identified certain high probability Intraday and Swing trading setups which has been generating consistent income for him. He is making genuine attempt to promote these reliable price principles to wider Trading community.